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It's a Bug's Life

It's a Bug's Life

What will you receive?

You will receive four (4) bug shaped chalk in a window box filled with wood wool (dragonfly, lady beetle, bee and butterfly).


What are the measurements?

  • Window box: 20cm across x 15cm down x 3cm tall
  • Butterfly chalk: 5.5cm across x 4.7cm down x 2.3cm tall
  • Dragonfly chalk: 6.5cm across x 5.8cm down x 2.8cm tall
  • Bee chalk: 6.3cm across x 5cm down x 2.2cm tall
  • Beetle chalk: 7cm across x 6cm down x 2.5cm tall


​​​​​What are the colour options?

  • Colours will be randomly selected from the following: blue, green, yellow, watermelon, pink, purple and orange.
  • If you have specific colour requirements, please let me know.

    Product is non-toxic and safe for children, however it is recommended that children are supervised during play as product is NOT to be taken internally.


    As products are handmade, there may slight imperfections and variations to that of the photos, including colouring but that is what makes them special and unique! 


    Colours will fade if the chalk is left in the sun. It is recommended that chalk is not stored in plastic.


    Please refer to our Delivery, Returns and Exchanges Policy here before ordering. 

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